Attending a Summer Harvest Dinner

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of working among trained chefs from our region. I am totally a home cook, with the savory dishes and "entrees" in our home too often appearing in some form noodle. Polishing plates, presenting a dish and enjoying the companionship of a large scale summer harvest dinner was an incredible step outside the box.
You've likely noticed these gatherings popping up more and more on social media and maybe in your community. A group of farmers, growers, makers and diners come together to enjoy the fruits of a season full of labor. Long summer daylight hours keep my own family busy sun up to sun down with our agricultural pursuits, the moments carved out to have a meal together during daylight hours are absolutely intentional. Harvest dinners are these moments among a larger family of community members.
I have been following Arlene, Jesse and Natalie from Sprout Makers Marketplace for a couple years and it has been amazing to see the vision of these women come to fruition in creating this food hub and gathering space. Be inspired to create your own sanctuary for friends and family to enjoy each others' company. -Katie
Dessert Course at the 2018 Sprout Summer Harvest Dinner. Raspberry Dark Chocolate Ganache Confection, Honey Caramel in Semi Sweet Chocolate with Cocoa Nibs, Garden Mint White Chocolate Bon Bon.
One of my little darlings, Lore, taking a break from stealing my berries at Jake and Scout's Berry Farm in Lakeshore, MN. Jake and Scout's raspberries were the feature ingredient/ featured farm of our dessert course. Other local ingredients included honey, mint, cream, and chocolate sourced from American craft chocolate makers who work closely with their partner cocoa farmers.