Farm Friends

The Farm
In high school, college and work I was surrounded by a group of people not too different than myself. Sure we did have our differences, but our life situations brought us to that common place where we spent our days. Now I'm a mom/ adult/ entrepreneur (who am I anyway- and how did this all happen so fast!?).... how do I make friends? True friends who I can divulge the details of my heart? Who do I surround myself with other than my husband and kids?
Navigating the world without the boundaries of a single office or classroom has opened up new friendships- some lasting and some passing, and some lonely times as well. I've found some of these wholesome farm folk bring out the best in me. Growing food and family, and valuing a community as brothers and sisters to walk beside on earth with... it has to be the divine plan for my life and happiness.
A walk around the garden talking about plants and womanhood/motherhood/sisterhood has been medicine for my soul. 
Surround yourself with those who bring out your best- I promise you won't regret it.
- Katie